Waves of Spirit - Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 4

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"Waves of Spirit" is the fourth album in the Prophetic Musical Journey series by Del Hungerford. Totaling 74 minutes, these three "songs" are all about the washing waves of Spirit to bring peace and tranquility. 

Waves of Spirit – 23:29 “Feel the rhythm of the ebb and flow that awaits the crescendo of the wave of the spirit. Feel the gentle cascade of waves washing over and cleansing you.”

Wings of Spirit – 25:27 “Close your eyes; allow the wings of the spirit to transport you into a colorful kaleidoscope of spiritual transforming and renewing.”

Deep Waters – 24:26 “Step into the deep waters, dancing and twirling as you feel the burdens wash away. Allow the renewing of the wonder of your inner child.”

NOTE: Downloads may take time since the files are large!

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