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Healing Frequencies Music
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"Release!" is the first album by the group, Mystic Frequency Collaborative - a group of musicians who seek to function in unity where no one single leader directs. All music is spontaneous and flows as the musicians listen to the voice of YHVH. As one unit, they desire to bring the heart of the Father to those who listen. 

Mother Earth sings her lullaby - a lullaby of peace as she stands in the midst of The River, speaking to all who step in. Creation joins the song through the sounds in The River. All voices join as one - a union that reminds all who enter who they are created to be. The Orator speaks through those who listen with their hearts. As they entrain and entangle with His frequency, The Sound of Many Waters joins the song where all creation is brought to a place of rest and peace. Out of the voice of YHVH, the sound carries far and wide, inviting all to step into The River to live from this position for all eternity. This is the sound of the New Jerusalem!

Rhythm has a voice, where it speaks, "Unity!" These are our marching orders - all done in the center of YHVH as we partner with our one true Creator.

There are three separate tracks for this album, each about 20 minutes long.

  • Mysteries from Under the Earth: The distant sound of the drums calls from within the earth - calling all creation to remember who it was from the very beginning. It's an invitation to restoration.
  • Release! The voices speak and intermingle with one another, realizing they all have something in common. It's a collaboration of all creation, intermingling through dance and song as all step into their true identity.
  • Peace in the River: This is the final destination - a place where rest and peace are a way of life. 


Joanne Dusatko - vocals, percussion, and Tibetan bowls

Del Hungerford - vocals, percussion, crystal bowls, keyboard, and Native American flute

Kathi Rabil - vocals, crystal bowls, and percussion



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