Into the Deep - Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 3

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"Into the Deep" is the third of a three-part series of spontaneous prophetic music.  "Into the Deep" ushers in enlightenment, discovery and peace while negativity is washed away. 

Feel the rain as it cascades over your body, washing away the negativity, as you are ushered into enlightenment, discovery, and peace. There is a freeing of the mind that awaits what lies in the open door.

Sink into the depths of solitude; oneness with purpose. Embark on this journey to the inner depths of your conscious. As the weight is lifted off, you will travel through the dimensions of the deep. 

This album is 55 minutes long:

Open Door (26:42)

Into the Deep (28:12)

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Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms for the album “Into the Deep.” 

This information is based on personal experience, customer feedback, and working with Seneca of Freedom Flowers and Alice of Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

Into the Deep – Album

  • Physical: Cancer, inflammation, Leukemia
  • Emotional: intense depression, repressed anger, feeling emptiness in life, self-rejection, no desire to live, carrying life’s burdens, unresolved emotional burdens, unforgiveness, wanting to get even, hatred, rage

Open Door – SONG

  • Physical: lungs, digestion, arthritis, depression, incurable disease, asthma
  • Emotional: self critical, critical of others, holding onto hostile feelings, long term anger, depression, reliving childhood fears, suppressed sorrow, over-sensitive, chronic anxiety and fear, grief, feels life is monotonous, not feeling approval, long standing condemnation of self and others, struggles with forgiveness of past situations and people, fear of abandonment

Into the Deep – SONG 

  • Physical: viruses, infections, yeast, fibromyalgia, deep rooted illnesses, colon, fungus, inflammation, jaw problems, Crones
  • Emotional: bottled up hate, inability to let go of past, allowing past to rule now, belief that “I get everything that comes along,” bitterness and ugliness overshadow the good in life, feelings of hostility, feelings of suspicion and annoyance, feelings of anger being manifested, rage, subconsciously wanting revenge, inability to express how you feel, feelings of insecurity, unable to let go and flow with life, extreme self rejection, abandonment.
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Into the Deep - Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 3

0 ratings
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