I AM - Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 1

Healing Frequencies Music
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"I AM" is the first of a three-part series of spontaneous prophetic music by Del Hungerford. The journey takes the listener through all Creator has to offer. "I AM" is about love, self-discovery, and worthiness..

There are a total of three tracks (about 25 minutes each) on this album.  

Love Abounds as it flows gently through your body, bringing peace and tranquility. Let liquid love completely envelope you to the core of your being.

"I AM" brings a sense of presence of a higher power, unity, self-discovery and worthiness. The presence seems to call to you saying, “You are as I AM.”

As the heart beats, the blood flows. It is the life source that renews and restores. The covering of this life source will make or deem you whole. Let it flow... let it flow... let it flow. 

This album is just under 80 minutes long.

Love Abounds (26:14)

I AM (25:29)

Life Source (27:35)

For more music by Del Hungerford and to hear samples of this song/album, please visit: www.healingfrequenciesmusic.com 

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