Setting Boundaries

Healing Frequencies Music
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In this exercise, you'll find that special place to meet with Jesus. Ask Him where He'd like to meet you. On a different day, you choose the place. It's from this place you develop great intimacy with Him. Hand Him your cares and anything that might be keeping you in bondage. Then, ask what boundaries you can set so you can walk into more freedom in your life.

There are two versions for you to listen to:

  • The first is the music with the instructions. Grab a journal to write down prompts to help you along your own journey.
  • The second song is the background music from the guided meditation. There are places in the music where you're instructed to use as anchors (triggers) for when you do the exercise on your own.

It's suggested that you do the exercise daily until you feel there are changes. It also helps to form new habits that bring you into greater intimacy with Yahweh. The key point is to enjoy the journey and take as long as you need!

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For more teaching on repentance, go into YouTube and type in "Mike Parsons Deep Calls to Deep Conference." Look for the video "Courts of Heaven." In another posting of these videos by NW Ekklesia, it's called "The Court of Accusation." 

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