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"New Hope" is an album for assisting in freeing the effects of traumas of all kinds. The instrumental music is soft, subtle, and can easily be put on repeat during sleep, relaxation, or peaceful pondering while working through traumatic experiences.  

The EMDR version of the entire album is also available as a full album download! This album is only available as a download.

Along with the album, "New Hope" a corresponding music essence is available from Freedom Flowers ( 

"New Hope" includes three songs: Joyful Life - Track 1, Joyful Heart - Track 2, and Joyful Hope - Track 3. The full album is 40 minutes long.  

This spontaneous instrumental music was recorded at the A=432 concert pitch with keyboard and percussion, all composed and performed by Del Hungerford. 

For more music by Del Hungerford and to hear samples of this song/album, please visit: 

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