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The "528 Creative DNA" album is based on the 528 Hz in the A=444 concert pitch. There are three tracks on this album: My Beloved, Regeneration, and Beyond the Veil. Each song is between 24 - 25 minutes in length so download times may be long. What's exciting about this album? In addition to keyboard and percussion, clarinet has been added to Regeneration.

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Purchase the corresponding music essence from Freedom Flowers by clicking the following link: http://www.freedom-flowers.com/528-creative-dna-music-essence/ This "music essence" was specifically created to coordinate with this album. It came out of a visitation with Jesus. In our conversation, his intention was that the frequency together with my prayer and meditation infused into the final product would restore our body, soul, and spirit back to our Creator’s original DNA designed for us and “right” the corrupt DNA in our bodies along with cleansing the ancestral line.

For more music by Del Hungerford and to hear samples of this song/album, please visit: www.healingfrequenciesmusic.com

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