Thoughts, Intents, Action!

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Thoughts are the building blocks behind all behaviors. Our minds are filled with thousands of thoughts that demand our attention every day. It's what we DO with those thoughts that determines the outcome. There are four parts to the equation: 1) thoughts, 2) desires, 3) intents, and 4) action. 

In this teaching, Del breaks the process down into minute detail so we understand how our thoughts can get the best of us. Thoughts alone can do very little. It's only when they turn to desires and intents that an outcome is determined. We learn in scripture that life and death are in the power of the tongue. But, how does our tongue know what to say? It all starts with a small thought that grows into the action (words). As we mature, we learn how to "govern" the thoughts that flash through our minds so that we live a more fruitful life. If we're constantly functioning out of a negative mindset, we're going to reap the results of the thoughts that led to those mindsets. It's all about shifting our intents to see and hear what Yahweh says about us. We abandon the thoughts that aren't fruitful and listen to the ones that are. It's at that point we see breakthrough.

Key points include:

  • Thoughts and intents are carried in our cellular memory
  • Thoughts, intents, desires, and actions all have a resonant frequency. What we "emit" determines the atmosphere that surrounds us.
  • Life and death are in the power of the tongue so we should watch our words and speak life over ourselves and our situations
  • Dealing with familiar spirits
  • Practical practice tips and helpful resources. As before, bring a journal and pencil so you can get it all down!

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