Functioning from the Seat of Rest

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The "seat of rest" is that place in Christ where we rule and reign the situations in our own lives. What makes this a special place is that we govern our lives from the kingdom realms - a higher position. We liken this to a mountain where everything within miles can be seen and "governed" all from one place. It's much like the old lookout towers that rose high above the tree line where special spotters could look for forest fires. Our seat of rest is in a similar place where we can "see" all that goes on in our lives. It's from that position we make daily decisions in our lives.

How do we do this? It starts by using a sanctified imagination where we envision being in the place with Jesus so that together, we "govern" our lives. This involves understanding spiritual "mountains" in our lives and how we can use symbolism to assist in our journey into intimacy with Yahweh. Symbolism is a great tool for exercising our spiritual eyes. It's important to never underestimate the gift of our imaginations!

Key points include:

  • Helpful resources. This is very important because we do need a variety of resources to help us on our journey. 
  • Exercise in imagining and seeing the throne (our seat of rest) on the "mountain" of our life
  • Exploring our life mountain and learning how to clean it up (clean house)
  • Understanding the process of ruling and reigning over the situations in our life
  • Dealing with stressful life situations
  • Setting a practice protocol for understanding how to function from a position of rest in the circumstances of life

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