Open Heaven - Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 2

Healing Frequencies Music
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"Open Heaven" is the second of a three-part series of spontaneous prophetic music by Del Hungerford. "Open Heaven" refreshes the soul and spirit through healing, joy, and hope.

Arise! As the love penetrates your body, let it heal your wounds and refresh your soul. Dance and rejoice as your life is restored.

A crescendo of the soul creates a vision of dreams that rise in anticipation of joyous hope. Allow yourself to believe that your visions will be awakened.

"Open Heaven" takes you to a place of intermingling with the stars as the light beams from each one. Close your eyes and be transported into the galaxy of stars where light shines in and through you. 

The Album is just under 80 minutes long:

Life Restored (25:13)

Joyous Hope (24:06)

Open Heaven (30:10)

For more music by Del Hungerford and to hear samples of this song/album, please visit: 

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