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Musical Frequencies of the Hebrew Letters

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There are TWO purchase options:

  • $25 includes audio teaching and examples with PDF's
  • $10 includes ONLY the PDF's

Have you ever wondered what the musical frequencies are for the Hebrew letters? Based on several years of research, Dr. Del Hungerford, a professional musician and music scholar, presents this teaching demonstrating how to create music with the frequencies of the Hebrew letters. The audio teaching includes a musical example using the letters for the name of Yahweh (YHVH) to create a song. 

The accompanying PDF is full of pictures and charts to assist any musician through his/her own creation process. Even non-musicians can learn about the historical and scientific aspects of how this research came together. It's a walk down "music history lane" and performance practices in order to understand how the patterns in music, nature, and math interconnect. This ultimately leads the reader on a journey of discovery into how the Hebrew letters are represented by musical frequencies.

The main booklet PDF includes the following (both options):

  • Comparison of the Hebrew gematria to the A=432 concert pitch, musical patterns, and the musical harmonic/overtone series. 
  • An explanation of the harmonic series, musical intervals, concert pitch, temperament, and enharmonics. This information is necessary as part of the process to create music using this system. 
  • A full frequency chart needed for creating Hebrew letter music. 

Additional PDF's (both options):

  • PDF with Hebrew letter frequency chart based on the harmonic series.
  • PDF chart of the A=432 concert pitch (15 octaves) in Pythagorean tuning.
  • PDF chart of the A=444 concert pitch (15) octaves in Pythagorean tuning. (Although the Hebrew letters aren't based off the A=444 concert pitch, many people still like to use this tuning. This chart should assist with that effort.)

TWO downloadable audio teachings include the following in the $25 option:

  • Audio teaching with examples and practical information - starting point of going through the PDF.
  • A second audio teaching with examples of using several Hebrew letters (such as an entire word) to create a musical motif and how to find a fundamental pitch (or set a key signature). 


For music and materials of Del Hungerford, visit her website: 

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Musical Frequencies of the Hebrew Letters

5 ratings
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