The Throne of Your Life With Jesus

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As you begin this meditation, imagine that you're with Jesus in that place of rest "on top" of your life. Every circumstance is below you because you rule over it. In that place, in Christ, you live, move, and have your being. From this position, sitting on the throne of your life, you govern all the details of your life. With Jesus as your advocate, all worry, frustration, and negative emotions can be covered with the Glory of God to help bring you into that place of rest, where you have access to heavenly assistance. It's only out of that place of rest we function at our best. We're "in Him" and He's in us. From this position in Christ, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

There are two versions for you to listen to:

  • The first is the music with the instructions. Grab a journal to write down prompts to help you along your own journey.
  • The second song is the background music from the guided meditation. There are places in the music where you're instructed to use as anchors (triggers) for when you do the exercise on your own.

It's suggested that you do the exercise daily until you feel there are changes. It also helps to form new habits that bring you into greater intimacy with Yahweh. The key point is to enjoy the journey and take as long as you need!

For more practices exercises by Del Hungerford, visit:

For the music of Del Hungerford, visit: 

For more teaching on sitting on the throne of your life, go into YouTube and type in "Mike Parsons Deep Calls to Deep Conference." Look for the video "Ruling on Your Mountain." 

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