Cleansing Fire - Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 5

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Cleansing Fire is the fifth album in the Prophetic Musical Journey series by Del Hungerford. Each song is nearly 30 minutes in length; allowing for love and cleansing of Spirit to wash over and through you while you listen. 

Abiding Love – 29:27 “Be still and sense abiding love saturate your very being. Ascend the staircase to the throne room of Creator. Encounter the essence of Love itself. Bask in the true revelation of Love.”

Cleansing Fire – 29:50 “Look into the fire. Be aware of the gentle cleansing of your inner being. Sense the remolding as you walk into wholeness. See your beauty from the ashes.”

NOTE: Downloads may take time since the files are large!

Track titles include:

1.  Abiding Love

2. Cleansing Fire

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