Pathway of Kingdom Practice

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In this teaching set, Del Hungerford shares her own journey of practice protocol that she uses in her process of developing intimacy with Yahweh. Goal #1 is intimacy. Goal #2 involves consistent and persistent practice. But, how do you do that? As a classical musician, Del transfers the tools of her "trade" into learning how to be "kingdom minded." 

You may learn a little about music and how young students get a good start on their instruments but, there truly is a pathway of proper practice protocol for most anything. Del simply looks at it from a musician's perspective and fits it nicely into how we can solidify our journey with techniques that should be helpful for anyone desiring to understand that "art" of being consistent.

Some key points:

  • Seeing in the Spirit is by faith. 
  • Practice is by faith. We can't expect to see immediate results.
  • There is an art to practicing anything! "How" to practice is very important for lasting results.
  • Journaling is very helpful!
  • Giving up is not an option if you want breakthrough.
  • Part of the practice protocol is learning how to change paradigms that hold us back from moving forward. 
  • Working through individual issues and life circumstances that hold us back is part of the process. 

Included with this teaching set are two teachings with a third recording that includes useful resources. They are teachings and other materials that Del uses on her own journey.

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