Understanding Our Identity

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What IS identity? Who are we in Christ? How do we find out who we are? What can we do to understanding what being "in Christ" is all about?

These are all questions we often ask when looking at how we are to function "in Him" through life. It starts with us being comfortable with who we were created to be. That often involves spending time in a discovery mode so that what comes at us IN the world system doesn't define us. What happens to and around us should not make or break us. As we learn to function as a Son of God, when we focus on who God says we are, we then begin to build our true identity.

In this teaching set, there are two separate sessions. Several helpful resources are given throughout so be sure to grab a pencil for note taking as you listen. Resources are a major key to any journey. Del shares with you what's helped her. 

Key points include:

  • Childhood/life's traumas and how they can affect our identity
  • The power of forgiveness
  • The importance of thoughts and intents and how we can change our "resonant frequency" by decreeing over us what God says about us
  • Everything works best when we do it out of relationship with Yahweh 
  • Understanding our identity is a process that won't happen overnight
  • Learn to see life's failures as building blocks to maturity and authority
  • Character building comes from life experiences
  • The fear of failure and fear of success are two destiny killers!
  • Where we put our focus is what determines our level of growth and maturity.

For more teachings by Del Hungerford, visit: www.supernaturallessons.com

For Del's music (in the background on the recordings), visit: www.healingfrequenciesmusic.com 

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