How Do I Know If I'm Maturing?

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This teaching is all about assessing - assessing where we currently are and then using that gauge to determine growth over the next few months. Or, take a past point in our lives and gauge it with where we are now. But, we can't compare/contrast anything unless there are two items to compare. In this case, it's time periods in our life. 

The following points are covered in this teaching:

  • Taking an honest assessment of our current status.
  • Making lists of attitudes, behaviors, paradigms, trigger points, frustrations, etc. that have framed our overall attitude and outlook on life. 
  • Explore how circumstances of life can be used as training tools for the maturing process.
  • Understanding that we're on a journey and that life experiences frame who we've become. If we want to change that, it's going to take practice, patience, and perseverance.
  • Finding the key points God desires to help us work through as we build character through the maturing process.
  • "It's not always about me" and all that goes with that (both good and bad).
  • In the process of reassessing, people will notice changes in us, we'll start reacting differently, we'll be more at peace, and things around us will begin to change. How that looks varies per person.

The goal of this teaching is to help the Body of Christ understand that maturing and character building is a process. It will look different for everyone and as we "come up here" to the presence of God, we learn "in Him" how to go through the process of maturing as we assess the progress.

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