Heaven's Courts - The Court of Accusation

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There's a court system in heaven just like there is on earth. Everything on earth is a replica of what's in heaven. It's a matter of learning to understand how to utilize heaven's court system. Just like on planet earth, there's protocol in place in how to operate in heaven's court systems. They are not places to get what we want but to conduct Kingdom business, including being judged. 

This teaching focuses on the "court of accusation" sometimes also called "the mobile court." When we go into the court system, this is the first court we encounter. The purpose is to be judged in this place. As we mature and are given more responsibility and authority, other court systems open up for us. We learn that part of the process of intimacy with Yahweh involves taking a hard, long look at the issues in our lives that hold us back from advancing to new levels of maturity. The court of accusations is where we go to take care of those things in our lives that need to be judged. It's NOT a place to take other people, especially without their knowledge. 

Key points include:

  • Setting a picture of a courtroom in our imaginations 
  • Seeing Jesus as our advocate and Yahweh as judge
  • The "accuser" is only there long enough to bring the accusations
  • This is a place where we own, repent, and renounce any sin in our lives and those of our ancestors. 
  • Learn to own the accusation even if we didn't do anything. If we didn't do it, someone in our generational line probably did! Accusations can come at us through our ancestral line.
  • See the "not guilty" verdict and learn to walk in freedom from the accusation(s)
  • Trade for more of what Yahweh has for our lives so what was meant for harm can be turned for good

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