Does the Enemy Matter?

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Over the years of "Christendom," we've learned a lot about spiritual warfare. We've had lots of practice fighting the enemy on his turf. As we grow and mature as Sons of God, we can move to a new level and higher position of warfare that's strategy based directly from heaven. How do we do that? First of all, by understanding that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood. We don't fight people on spiritual matters, even though our words often demonstrate that we do. Where our spiritual warfare lies is going into a position of higher authority and releasing from that higher position, much like dropping a bomb only works from a higher position.

As maturing Sons of God, we've practiced casting out demons, stomping, spitting, scratching, and a whole lot of other techniques in our dismantling of the enemy. However, we often get damaged in the process. This teaching looks at spiritual warfare from a perspective of looking to Yahweh and putting our focus there rather than on the antics of the enemy.

Key points include:

  • A walk down memory lane concerning spiritual warfare in the 20th Century
  • Where should our focus be during spiritual warfare?
  • Some helpful resources - bring a journal to write them down!
  • Graduating to a new and "higher" level of spiritual warfare that's conducted from our position "in Christ." 
  • "Fighting" our battles from the kingdom realms rather than on the enemy's turf (territory). 
  • Understanding the whole point behind spiritual warfare
  • Lots of helpful hints and strategies

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