Cleansing Power of Communion

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In this meditation, we get to take communion! Communion is all about receiving the DNA record of God into the core of your being. Through an act of faith, we can daily receive the Blood of Jesus that infuses us with all that He is. It also brings health and healing into our physical bodies. Communion is no longer only for that once-a-month time with a gathering of others. In our intimate place with Jesus, we can receive all that He is to assist with our daily walk. After taking communion, imagine expanding your spirit so that you can take more authority over the things in your life, bringing them under the cleansing power of the Blood of the Lamb.

There are two versions for you to listen to:

  • The first is the music with the instructions. Grab a journal to write down prompts to help you along your own journey.
  • The second song is the background music from the guided meditation. There are places in the music where you're instructed to use as anchors (triggers) for when you do the exercise on your own.

It's suggested that you do the exercise daily until you feel there are changes. It also helps to form new habits that bring you into greater intimacy with Yahweh. The key point is to enjoy the journey and take as long as you need!

For more practices exercises by Del Hungerford, visit:

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If you're interested in a great lesson on communion, Ian Clayton has a teaching series on his website about the DNA of God. In that series, there's a teaching on communion.

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